So you’re just another agency, right?

Actually, we are not an agency at all. We do not have clients per se, nor do we offer managed services for retainer fees, etc. We do not exclude financial rewards on certain occasions, however, to the disappointment of our respective families’ arguers, this is not exactly a priority.

We would like to call ourselves an office or a practice, quite similar to the tradition of doctors, perhaps: performing diagnoses, providing consultation, offering advice, indicating treatments, and following up.

I see. So are you building stuff yourselves?

Hopefully not 🙂 The way we see it, most problems can be alleviated with no building at all – the world is drowning in solutions and there is a high chance that one will be more than enough for you.

To answer your true question, we might work on some prototype or a temporary solution, but in order to receive a full fledged solution, please expect that we propose you work with a real agency – we might as just be able to recommend some folks to you.